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    "The home studio desk musicians have been waiting for." scroll down & discover Stands out in any space. Fits perfectly into your life. Order now 4 Natural Wood Finishes Oak Light Oak Natural Oak Dark Walnut Elegance & Functionality Studio Monitors And Screen At Head Level 19 Inch Rack Space Keyboard Tray Incl. Drop-Down Door Leg levellers Cable Management "I have had the studio desk for 2 weeks now and there are only good things to say about it! Beautiful finish, cables are nicely concealed behind the desk, the keyboard tray is top notch,... and I could keep going like that. And of course it also looks fantastic." Positive: Quality, Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value F. James Customer Testimonials Wanna know why? Clean Desk, Clean Mind, Great Music Don’t put up with cable mess! Tuck away and organize your cables in the built-in cable management tray Don’t distract you musical genius by chaos and let your dassling music ideas come to life effortless! Keyboard Tray Pull out your keyboard or midi controller whenever you need it and save space in your home studio with our built-in keyboard tray. The drop-down door prevents your keyboard from collecting dust and gives your desk that extra sleek appearance. The 88-key keyboard tray contains high quality sliders, carries up to 30 kg and provides 10 cm (or 13cm when demounting drop-down door) of space between tray and desktop. 19 Inch hardware in easy reach Whether you work digitally, hybrid or the oldschool analogue way, a decent amount of 19 inch rack space always comes in handy. It can also be used to install rack drawers (soon available on our webshop) to finally store your accessories and cables conveniently and safely. Let’s be honest, usually they just linger around the room or get lost anyway. In total 9 units of rack space (3 x 3U) are available in each workstation to store all your 19 inch audio gear . Summary Of Benefits Sleek & Light Design In Wood Finish Light & sleek design Genuine wood finish (oak & walnut) Lift your home interior to a higher level Easy to install & relocation proof Cable Management Built in cable management tray No more cable clutter Keyboard Tray Safe space and take out when needed Quality heavy load tray slides Anti-slide system when playing Adjustable height (9 or 11cm) 19" Rack Space 3 x 3U of rack space Easy access to your 19" gear Rack drawers optional for extra storage Ergonomics Leg levelers for firm stability and adjusting height (max +1cm) Studio monitors at ear level Screen at eye level Check out our webshop Let's go! Early sounbird form - home Fell in love with our desks? Become a Soundbird member by signing up and you will be the first one notified about the latest news and exclusive promo actions. First Name Last Name Email Submit Thanks for submitting! You are officially an 'Soundbird member' now. Check your e-mail inbox... And follow us on Instagram . Recording At Home Feels More Organic, And Injects Some More Personality In The Music" Mac DeMarco " Delivery Throughout Europe Proudly Manufactured In Europe (Belgium) 100% CO2 Neutral Production

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    Contact Us Do you have a question? Let's talk. A question about our products? You like our style, but want a different configuration of our desk? Custom-made furniture for your brand new studio? ... ​ We love to discuss your question or project during a digital coffee break. Book your digital coffee session now. Digital Coffee Break 15 min - online Web conference details provided upon confirmation Book Now Contact Coffee not your cup of tea? ​ No problem. ​ Leave your message here. First Name Last Name Email Message Send Thanks for submitting! Visit Us Want to see our studio desks in real life? ​ Sure thing! ​ We work by appointment only. This way we are all yours when you visit our office. So please send us a quick e-mail for an appointment via or above contact form. Location: Goudbloemlaan 31 2970, Schilde (Belgium) E-Mail: Business Address: Goudbloemlaan 31 2970 Schilde, Antwerp Belgium E-Mail: Business Do you want to carry SOUNDBIRD in your country? We are always looking for new partners to help introduce SOUNDBIRD all over the world. Get in contact by filling this form and we will contact you right away. Address: Goudbloemlaan 31 2970, Schilde Belgium Company First Name Last Name Email Message Thanks for submitting! Send


    FAQ Product Info What's Included 1 home recording desk including 88-key keyboard tray and (optionally) drop-down door 3 pairs of black matt rack rails (incl screws and nuts) Leg levellers Material The home recording desk is made of MDF and genuine wood veneer finish. Be aware that each individual desk has its unique color and pattern from the original wood and may therefore slightly differ from the images shown on this website. Your desk is truly one of a kind. Keyboard Tray The keyboard tray rests on quality heavy duty sliders and it carries a maximum load of 30kg. Keep your keyboard dust-free by closing the drop-down door after your session. Dimensions: H 11,5 x W 141 x D 38 (cm) When the drop-down door is installed the maximum allowed keyboard height is 10 cm, as the push-to-open system of the drop down door takes up 1,5 cm. Without the drop-down door the maximum allowed keyboard height is 13 cm. Always measure your keyboard dimensions prior to your purchase. Dimensions Product: H 98 x W 157 x D 92 (cm) 90 kg Packaging: Box 1 H 25 x W 156 x D 97 (cm) 52 kg Box 2 H 14 x W 156 x D 51 (cm) 29 kg Box 3 H 15 x W 151 x D 45 (cm) 11 kg In cm Ordering/Shipping Shipping Cost Shipping costs are free in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. For all other countries in Europe a shopping fee of 100 EUR is charged. Shipping Locations Currently we ship only in Europe. For deliveries in USA (and other regions), please contact us via for an ad hoc shipping quotation. Delivery Leadtime We work almost exclusively on a made-to-order base. Production leadtime is about 6-8 weeks. Shipping leadtime depends on the final destination. However, within EU, delivery leadtime should be completed within 1 week. Shipping Methode We ship via DHL. Once the package leaves our warehouse, you will be emailed the DHL tracking number. Each home recording desk (packed in 3 boxes) will be delivered on a pallet at your delivery address. For more shipping info Showroom A showroom model (Colour: Oak - Natural) can be viewed by appointment at our office in Schilde, north of Antwerp (Belgium). Send an e-mail to to make an appointment. How do I add a new question & answer? To add a new FAQ follow these steps: 1. Click “Manage FAQs” button 2. From your site's dashboard you can add, edit and manage all your questions and answers 3. Each question and answer should be added to a category 4. Save and publish. Can I insert an image, video, or gif in my FAQ? Yes. To add media follow these steps: 1. Enter the app's Settings 2. Click on the “Manage FAQs” button 3. Select the question you would like to add media to 4. When editing your answer click on the camera, video, or GIF icon 5. Add media from your library. How do I edit or remove the “FAQ” title? You can edit the title from the Settings tab in the app. If you don't want to display the title, simply disable the Title under “Info to Display”. Specifications Recording desk Keyboard tray 3 pairs of black matt rack rails (incl screws and nuts) Tray Cover board (optional) The workstation is made of MDF and wood fineer finish. Be aware that each desk has its unique color and pattern from the original wood and may therefore therefore slightly differ from the pictures shown on this website. Your desk is truly one of a kind! DIMENSIONS Product: H 96 x W 150 x D 90 (cm) Weight: 61,5 kg Keyboard tray space The keyboard tray has 2 heights which allows a maximum keyboard height of 9cm (option 1) or 11cm (option 2). If you choose to order and install the front panel, the maximum keyboard height is 9cm. Please measure your keyboard height prior to your purchase. question 1 Answer 1

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